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How do your Foremen define efficiency?


Find out where you should be spending money and not wasting it!

See what we are up to with


Field e Fex   software

is an industry first software designed with the foreman in mind.


Cloud based Workflows for

  • Quickly & Easily find and add your day to day commodities to your cart

  • Generic ordering - no need to spend time thumbing through catalogs

  • e-commerce style allows you the convenience to add items to your cart day or night

  • Clear & Concise - eliminate discrepancies from handwritten or phone in orders

  • Longevity & Accountability of digital information

Material Procurement
  • Quickly & Easily add materials used to your ticket

  • Reference a PO already cut for the materials used

  • Assign labor and hours with only a few clicks

  • Get Customer approval and sign-off on the spot - or save it for later

  • Longevity & Accountability of digital information

Time & Material
Project Work Order
  • Quickly & Easily generate digital work orders

  • Associate Project Managers, Estimators and Foreman to specific projects

  • Accessible & Customizable project specific information

  • Ability to Import/Export project information to 3rd Party software 

  • Longevity & Accountability of digital information

By understanding the day to day challenges faced in the field, we begin to recognize the areas where we can implement technology and reduce wasted time and efforts.



We've provided an extremely intuitive and simple way to search for the materials you need to get the job done.  You can search by using Categories, Keywords and even Customizable trade specific expressions.


Adding items to your shopping cart is as easy as 1-2-3.  Day or Night. At Work or at Home.  If you've ever ordered anything online before, you'll be a pro right out of the gate.  Even if you haven't, you'll be up and running in no time.  We promise!


Every single thing you do on Field e Fex is documented, organized and neatly managed for your records. Everything is tailored to your individual needs.  Need to pull up a purchase order number from last year?  No problem.  Searching for items is just as easy as ordering.




It all started with a simple concept. How can we make the day-to-day lives of our Electrical Foreman easier?  From meetings, to reports, to submitting daily or weekly time and even just plain old 'idle talk' with other workers.


Our goal is for you to capitalize on being 2% more efficient. That's only 9 minutes a day.

Trust us, it adds up over time!


Our goal is to allow our electricians to actually BE electricians.  If we can increase their efficiencies during the time spent not doing electrical work, more time can be devoted to installations.  Let's get them back to doing the work they have been highly trained to perform.


We know technology can sometimes be overwhelming and we built our software on a platform that understands the end user.

Our software was designed to allow integrated employee interaction on a variety of levels. Simple customizable permissions allow your company to set it up as you see fit.   


Labor Calculators

Purchase Order Calculator

Find out how you can reduce transactional waste!

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